December 10, 2019 on 3:15 pm

Band-It Idex offers one of the most complete lines of municipal clamping systems for indoor and outdoor traffic management applications. With operations ranging from sign, traffic signal, traffic monitoring, motion sensor and security camera installation, the diverse range of engineered fastening solutions offered by Band-It satisfies the need for both temporary and permanent strapping products that can withstand the even the harshest elements. Manufactured from stainless 201, 316, 0r 317 and specialty steels, the corrosion and UV resistance of Band-It’s broad product selection provides a reliable and durable option for fast, easy installation.

Installation Tools:

  • C00169 Standard Banding Tool – Intended for use on band widths of 1/4″ to 3/4″ (o.15″ – 0.30″ thickness). Featuring a built-in adapter for Junior Smooth I.D. Clamps, the C00169 strapping tool tensions over 2,400 lbs. of force and comes with a built in cutter and spin handle retaining ring to keep parts intact.
  • C00369 Heavy-Duty Banding Tool – Primarily used for thicker materials, The C00369 is a heavy-duty version of the C00169 tool. Ideal for municipal applications, the C00369 will tension byond the limits of the 3300 lbs of force to yield 3/4″ wide 201SS Giant Band.  Not recommended for band widths 0.015″ or 0.020″.
  • G40269 Giant Banding Tool – Designed for use with 3/4″, 1″, 1-1/4″ width x 0.44″ thick Giant Band and Buckle.


  • Band-Fast – Pre-cut with smoother edges, Band-Fast offers a safer and more efficient strapping alternative that minimizes waste and saves up to 30% time and labor costs. Ready-to-use with preassembled clip.
  • Roll Band – The standard choice of Band-It products, the 201 Stainless Steel Roll Band features a patented “Easy Scale” imprint to help determine band width quickly and easily.  Offering high strength and good resistance to oxidation and weathering, this non-magnetic banding can be used in conjunction with clip style buckles to create band clamps.
  • Giant Band – The widest and thickest band option available, Band-It Giant Band provides maximum strength and can be formed into a single or double wrapped clamp configuration for heavy-duty applications.


  • Ear-Lokt – Versatile enough to be used with many types of Band-It stainless steel banding, Ear-Lokt Buckles provide superior fastening strength and good resistance to many moderate corrosive agents. Band-It Ear-Lokt Buckles can hold a single or double wrapped band configuration and band clamps can be formed over any contour or shape.
  • Giant Buckle, Ear-Lokt Style – For superior fastening strength, Band-It Giant Buckles can be used in combination with Band-It Giant Band.

Mounting Hardware:

  • D51089 Bolt/Clamp – Band-It Mounting Hardware can be used as a heavy-duty bracket securing hardware to poles. The D51089 can accomodate 3/4″ wide Giant Band with Buckle, sustaining hold in high vibration environments while keeping the support system compact.
  • D02189 Single Bolt Brack-It – The industry standard for all round poles greater than 3″ diameter, the single bolt flared leg brack-it features a reinforced rib design to provide additional strength against the effects of stress, wind and vibration.


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