September 3, 2019 on 8:17 pm

Environmental temperature fluctuations, referred to as thermal cycling, can bring about the thermal expansion and contraction of materials placed within the ambient environment, along with changes to the properties of the material itself. In especially harsh environments, these temperature fluctuations can be extreme and occur at high rates of change. In general, this environmental stress can impact a product or system’s reliability and, for systems composed of hoses, leaks are one of the leading causes of the failure as connecting elements often endure the worse stress in fluid systems. Hose fittings have to maintain a fully sealed system at all required pressures, temperatures and mechanical shocks. When the cyclical heating and cooling of a hose occurs, both the hose’s volume and material properties can change and alter the complex compression and friction interface. For example, elastomers found within the cover and inner tube of rubber hoses can become less deformable at lower temperatures; alternatively, hoses exposed to high temperatures can expand. Changes, such as these, can cause clamps to loosen over time.

In harsh environments where leaks and failures want to be prevented, Ideal Tridon SmartSeal Spring Clamps offer a reliable solution. Ideal Tridon SmartSeal Spring Clamps form a unique 360 degree seal encompassing the entire hose circumference. Guarding against both pressure and temperature changes, leak paths for both fluid and air are eliminated around all portions of the clamp as a constant and steady pressure is maintained all around the connection. The Ideal Tridon SmartSeal Spring Clamp is comprised of two primary parts, the clamp assembly and SmartLiner. The SmartLiner expands and contracts around the hose with temperature change. The clamp rides on top of the lubricated liner, distributing pressure more evenly around the hose. Leak pressure tests indicate that SmartSeal Clamps perform better in thermal cycling than typical constant tension clamps and last longer even in the most demanding environments.