March 15, 2017 on 7:05 pm

Metal antiques, not unlike people, tend to get a bit rusty with age. Aside from the aesthetic repercussions of the aging process, rust, when left unchecked, will eventually eat away at metal. Such degradation results in an overall loss of value and quality, eventually destroying the item beyond repair. Rust, simply put, is the direct outcome of the mixing of iron, oxygen and water from the air. When iron and oxygen combine, the iron loses electrons to oxygen atoms. This transaction is referred to as oxidation and results in the production of a chemical reaction that forms Fe203 Iron Oxide, more commonly known as rust. Consequently, antiques that are left outside or exposed to high humidity levels and/or heavy water exposure are at particular risk for the formation of this by-product.  Until recently, rust removal necessitated the use of harsh chemical solvents that, while effective at removing rust, often compromised the integrity of paint on precious metals, as well as the health and safety of its users. However, thanks to the innovative advancements of companies such as Archoil, aging gracefully has never been so easy or so effective. Archoil 5100 works through a process called chelation in which a large synthetic molecule forms a strong bond with metal oxides (rust), but not with the host metal, pulling rust from both ferrous and non-ferrous metals without harming paint. Fast-acting, non-acidic and non-toxic, Archoil Rust Remover Concentrate can operate in temperatures spanning from 65-160 degrees Fahrenheit, but it is worthwhile noting that increases in temperature also decrease the amount of time needed to remove oxidation, especially on heavily rusted metals. To use, simply dilute 1 part AR5100 in 16 parts water and immerse item in the diluted solution, allowing it to soak until all of the oxidation has been removed. Unlike other products on the market today, AR5100 will not form a patina or convert the rust to a new material. With Archoil 5100 Rust Remover Concentrate making old things look like new has never been easier!

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