February 17, 2014 on 2:31 pm
Kresto® cherry kwik-wipes® are moist hand-cleansing
towels for extra heavy-duty skin cleansing without using
water. Cherry scent neutralizes work odors on hands.
Kresto® cherry kwik-wipes® are made from polypropylene
and are moistened with a cleansing solution. Thanks to its
dual-sided and slightly rough structure, the wipe features
consistent and reliable cleansing power without the use of
abrasive additives. Kwik-wipes® clean quickly and
thoroughly, without unduly stressing the skin.
Information from Stoko Skin Care
cherry kwik wipes
February 5, 2014 on 7:13 pm

The Bayco Nightstick XPP-5458G Intrinsically Safe Headlamp is made for below ground hazardous locations.  Designed specifically for locations where explosive gases and dusts may be present.

  • Beam distance rated at 120 meters
  • Spotlight, Dual Brightness White/Green Floodlight Modes
  • Engineered polymer housing
  • Powered by 3 AA Premium batteries (included)

XPP-5458G Intrinsically Safe Multi-Function Headlamp