March 28, 2013 on 8:26 pm

As we all know finding American made products is getting more difficult every day.  One of the hardest American made products I have ever searched for is a cell phone case.  With practically thousands of cases available on the internet, I could not find one made in the U.S.A   Well the search is done!  We are so happy to have found a manufacture of high quality custom leather cell phone cases right here in America.  The family business of  Graber Harness & Saddlery hand makes leather bolt bags, tool bags, bull hide belts and now cell phone cases.  All cases are double stitched and include a heavy duty belt clip secured by 5 nickel plated rivets to keep your phone safe and secured.  This company is truly worth checking out, they make some really cool products.

Graber Leather Cell Phone Cases


March 26, 2013 on 4:06 pm
WrightGrip is the unique innovation featured on Wright’s open-end and combination
wrenches. The higher-strength, anti-slip design delivers more torque while increasing tool
life. The improvements make loosening and tightening fasteners easier and more efficient.
The back end of the wrench opening is slightly enlarged. The additional metal in this high-
stress area helps stiffen the wrench jaws, thus decreasing the chance of their spreading
under heavy loads. The modified U-shaped feature on the back end further reduces stress
and improves performance.
WrightGrip also incorporates strategically placed teeth on the insides of the wrench’s two
jaws, allowing for better seating and a tighter grip of the wrench on the fastener. One
fastener corner locks into the groove to increase torque and prevent slippage under load.
When compared with other manufacturers’ high-quality wrenches, the improvement in
strength is as high as 80%. Not only does WrightGrip save wear and tear on the wrenches
and fasteners, but it also helps spare your knuckles from getting scraped




Wright Tool Wrench Set

March 26, 2013 on 1:41 pm

The most commonly used  and most commonly abused tool in all industries is the screwdriver.    Screwdrivers get stripped, broken, bent, etc.   I feel our team at JD Industrial Supply has found the highest quality screwdrivers available on the industrial market.  We put all of our screwdrivers through simulated test and found the Gedore 3C screwdrivers hold up the best.    Equipped with a striking cap that holds up to the toughest blows from any hammer or wrench.   Manufactured with vanadium steel to stand up to the toughest industrial applications without stripping the heads or breaking.    In the case of stubborn screws, the forged-on hexagon bolster permits and increase in torque with the use of an adjustable spanner.


Gedore 3C Screwdrivers

March 25, 2013 on 4:22 pm

Graber Harness tool belts and tool bags are handcrafted by 4th generation leather craftsmen. These products are proudly Made In The USA and meet the highest industry standards. These leather tool belts and pouches are made for those who not only expect high quality but also long term reliability. Graber Harness products come with a lifetime repair warranty.


March 21, 2013 on 3:21 pm

I am so excited to bring another quality American made product to JD Industrial Supply.  Recently I had the pleasure of talking with the family of Graber Harness of Grabill Indiana.    Chris and his family have been hand crafting these 10 pocket Supreme Leather Tool Pouch’s by hand since 1974.   The quality is unbelievable to say the least!   This tool pouch is made with the true professional in mind.    Equipped with a large main pocked, medium inner pocket and six additional pockets.   Quality leather products made by a wonderful family!


Graber Tool Pouch