October 3, 2012 on 12:53 pm

Kresto Hand Cleaner has grown in popularity during the third quarter of 2012.  It’s natural ingredients ability to remove the toughest industrial dirt and grim without damaging the skin is simply amazing.   Kresto Hand Cleaner is now available in a Cherry scent to help those who work with strong smelling fuels and solvents.  Trying to choose which Kresto skin care product is correct for you?  Check out our Kresto Quick Reference Guide.


Kresto Hand Cleaner

October 2, 2012 on 2:23 pm

Choosing the correct Band-It Tie-Lok Tool can be complicated with the launch of the new Mini Tie-Lok Stainless Steel Ties.   The width of the steel Tie-Lok Tie is directly correlated to the Tie-Lok Tool to be used.   All tools form a low profile single wrapped band to secure cables, hoses, tags, etc.


Band-It A92079 Tie-Lok II Tool

Band-IT A92079 applies 1/4″ wide smooth ID Tie-Lok Ties used in cable bundling, hose bundling, CV boot  installation and identification tagging.  Locks tie with the patented Tie-Lok® and cuts off excess band flush with top of buckle so the completed buckle is smooth and not sharp.  Works with Band-It Tie-Lok Ties: AS2119, AS2129, AS2139, AS2149, AS2159, AS4119, AS4129, AS4139, AS4149, AS4159



Band-It TL3800 Tie-Lok Tool

Band-It TL3800 Tie-Lock Tool is specifically designed to install 3/8″ wide Tie-Lok Stainless Steel Ties. Works with Band-It Tie-Lok Ties: AS6219, AS6229, AS6239, AS6249, AS6259


Band-It A91079 Tie-Lok Tool

Band-It A91079 Mini Tie-Lok Tool is for applying 0.177″ wide smooth ID Mini Tie-Lok Ties for cable bundling, hose bundling and identification tagging.  Works with Tie-Lok Ties: AS2219, AS2229, AS2239, AS2249, AS2259, AS4219, AS4229, AS4239, AS4249, AS4249, AS4259

October 1, 2012 on 2:38 pm

Bostik NSA-16 Aerosol Never-Seez is the original spray anti-seize compound on the industrial market.  NSA-16 is formulated to protect metal parts against rust, corrosion and seizure.  Fine copper and graphite particles make up a special grease that holds up to high heat and acidic environments.  Bostik has gone one step farther in technology by making this Anti-Seize compound into a Aerosol Spray Can.  Bostik NSA-16 Aerosol can makes getting into tough areas much easier.   Bostik Never-Seez can be used on anything that may need to be taken apart in the future.  A little Anti-Seize compound can make your life a whole lot easier in long run.

Bostik NSA-16 Never-Seez

October 1, 2012 on 1:43 pm

Wright Tool Display Boards are great way to show off high quality Wright Tools at your place of business.  Display boards are perfect for the shop or home to keep track of you high valued Wright Tools.   Each slot is labeled with the correct tool part number for easy reordering.


Wright Tools D984 Socket Set