August 8, 2012 on 7:17 pm

KRESTO CHERRY offers users the trusted high-quality and high-performance hand cleaning they expect from KRESTO with the new benefit of a fresh cherry scent.  The fragrance helps eliminate odors left by industrial chemicals and petroleum products, leaving hands both clean and fresh.

Formulated with skin conditioners and skin-compatible synthetic detergents, KRESTO CHERRY quickly cleans heavy dirt, grease, grime, and oil while keeping skin healthy. It also contains natural and renewable biodegradable walnut-shell scrubbers tested and proven not to clog drains.

KRESTO CHERRY will be available in a 2000ml SOFTBOTTLE and a half-gallon pump bottle, as well as a toolbox-sized 400ml squeeze bottle.


Kresto Cherry Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner

August 6, 2012 on 8:13 pm

The BAND-IT  bolt clamp is great for pole attachment applications such as hanging utility boxes, transformers
and other fixture mounting. This bolt conveniently adjusts to the size you need and does not require a special
tool to install or adjust.

• Easy preparation for installers
• Easy to apply without the need for a special tool,
can be installed with just a wrench or ratchet
• Can be adjusted and reused or for permanent
attachment, use in conjunction with BAND-IT®
mounting plates
• Available in two sizes: the 3/4” for lighter duty and
the 1-1/4” for heavy duty
• Non-corrosive aluminum composition and
Dacromet® coating

Band-It Bolt Clamp