July 19, 2012 on 4:53 pm

BAND-IT Scru-Seal Kit uses a rack and pinion system allowing the user to make a clamp in any size.  Kit offers complete flexibility for use in almost any application.  Form clamps of any diameter from continuous roll of band and tension using only a screwdriver.

Band-It Scru-Seal Kit

  • A rack and pinion system used with band to create any size clamp
  • Components separately packaged rack and housing and band for flexibility
  • Stainless steel offers very good resitance to mild atmosphere, fresh water and the sun’s UV rays
  • An adjustable worm drive, screwdriver clamp can be made with any band cutter and a screw driver
  • Can be retensioned at any time
July 18, 2012 on 5:11 pm

BAND-IT Junior Smooth ID hose clamps reduce the potential for leaky fitting
connections. BAND-IT engineers developed this breakthrough technology
through a continued effort to improve the Junior clamp. The “buckle nest”
design of the Junior Smooth ID Clamp maintains a uniform, gap-free inside
diameter that dramatically reduces leak problems.


BAND-IT manufactures 46 sizes of Junior Smooth I.D clamps from 13/16”
diameter up to 8” diameter. Five band widths are offered from ¼” wide to ¾”
wide to provide various levels of clamping strength. Two grades of stainless
, type 201SS for maximum strength and type 316SS for superior corrosion
resistance, are offered. In addition, many Junior Smooth ID Clamp sizes are
available in galvanized carbon steel band for economy. All BAND-IT Junior
Smooth I.D. Clamp
s are constructed with a double wrap of band material which
increases the holding power of clamped assemblies.