May 24, 2012 on 7:19 pm

What makes Solopol a skin-friendly hand cleaner?   The unique formulation in Solopol makes it tough on industrial dirt, but its gentle on hands.   Here are a few key points on what goes into this unique industrial hand cleaner.

Low solvent content or solvent free formula – to protect the integrity of the skin’s outer layer and avoid absorption of harmful solvent through the skin into the bloodstream. Long carbon chain solvents do not easily penetrate through the skin into the blood steam.

Slightly acidic pH value – to protect the skin’s outer layer (“acid mantle” or stratum corneum).

Synthetic Detergents – in contrast to soap based products cleansers based on synthetic detergents provide good skin compatibility and skin friendly pH.

Non abrasive scrubbing agents – walnut shell scrubbers instead of harsh pumice (volcanic rock). The particles of walnut shell scrubber have a rounded shape which  is gentler to the skin.

Industrial Hand Cleaner

Solopol Hand Cleaner

May 24, 2012 on 4:47 pm

The Kresto Skin Care Program has been developed not only to clean your hands but to care for them as well.   Evonik Stockhausen, the manufacturer of Kresto has spent over 100 years researching and developing the best ingredients to promote healthy skin care.   Below we have listed Stoko’s skin care program to keeping your hands healthy.  The steps are:

1. Before Work Care: This may be the biggest secret in the skin care industry!  Travabon before work barrier cream makes cleaning your hands simple by combining a unique blend of detergents that are activated with water.   This will make cleaning your hands 100% easier when exposed to harsh dirt and solvents.   Travabon also helps protect the skin from harsh petroleum based products that can enter into the blood stream through the skin.

2.  Cleaning: Kresto Hand Cleaner is simply the best hand cleaning product on the market.  It is a combination of a natural scrubber made from walnut shell powder and a unique cleaning agent called Isohexadec.  The natural scrubber made from walnut shell powder is a pumice that helps to remove industrial dirt and grime from hands without drying out the skin. Isohexadec is a high purity, iso-paraffin emollient and solvent used in cosmetics and beauty products. It helps to make the Cleaner have a creamy and thick consistency that leaves hands non-greasy and feeling clean after application.

3.  After Work: Stokolan hand cream keeps the skin soft and healthy after working in tough industrial environments day in and day out. Most competitors lotions are 95% water, which can make your hands drier in the long run.  Stokolan uses 25% lipids as it’s skin conditioner to ensure ultimate conditioning.   Stokolan has been JD Industrial Supplies #1 selling after work skin conditioner for over ten years.

This skin care program has been proven by Stoko Skin Care to help prevent dermatitis and other skin conditions.  The Stoko products have also proven themselves in the toughest industrial environments to keep skin healthy.