April 30, 2012 on 4:43 pm

JD Industrial Supply and Alvin Products is proud to announce this new innovative product called Rubber In A Can.    Rubber in a can is a black rubberized liquid straight out of a aerosol can used to repair cracks, holes, and much more.   Rubber in a Can creates a tight rubber surface that remains flexible when dried.  Rubber in a Can is a non sagging formulation that will not crack, chip or peal.  Can be used on wet and dry surfaces and can be painted once dried.   I have personally used it to seal a crack on the  surface of my driveway and was extremely happy with the results.

Alvin Rubber In A Can

April 24, 2012 on 12:46 pm

Many factors are to be considered to ensure selecting the correct threadlocker for your application.   Threadlockers are available in low strength ( purple ), medium strength ( blue ), and high strength ( red ).  The blue threadlocker is typically the most common threadlocker sold today.   A blue threadlocker is to be used when on bolts up to 3/4″ in diameter.  Bolts applied with medium strength blue threadlockers can removed with hand tools and can be reapplied.   Just a few drops of a blue threadlocker keeps fasteners locked down until the user wants to remove it.

Medium Strength Blue Threadlocker

April 13, 2012 on 5:16 pm

The new Cherry Kresto Hand Cleaner is going to be a huge hit amount mechanics and individuals who work with fuels are strong smelling chemicals.  The same benefits we have become to expect from the original Kresto Soap with a new cheery fragrance.  I have had several of our customers that work with the toughest dirt and grime give it a try.  I received excellent reviews from all of them, even my wife loves the smell.  Its a nice cherry scent but is not over powering like many of the other cherry hands soaps on the market.

Formulated with Stoko Skin Care’s all natural biodegradable walnut shell scrubs along with skin conditioners to keep the skin soft and healthy.


Cherry Kresto Hand Cleaner