February 29, 2012 on 3:37 pm

The Kennedy 2812 12 drawer industrial tool chest is the perfect tool storage unit for any auto maintenance bay or plant. One-piece, heavy-gauge steel back, bottom and top till panels are securely welded to the double-wall side panels, giving the chests a tight, solid fit. The tamper proof, internal drawer locking system cannot be reached by bolt cutter or hacksaws. All 12 drawers permit smooth easy drawer extension even while under heavy loads.

The 2812 tool chest is a great accessory to the Kennedy 297X Roller Cabinet.

Kennedy 2812 Tool Chest

February 12, 2012 on 5:48 pm

Kennedy Tool Boxes

JD Industrial Supply is excited to share that Kennedy Tools has now launched its much anticipated 297XB Roller Tool Cabinet with ball bearing slides!   The Kennedy 297XB is manufactured with top panels reinforced for added strength and durability under the heaviest loads. Solid aluminum and plated steel hardware along with a durable powder finish makes this tool cabinet resistant to corrosion, abrasion, and chipping  for a lifetime of reliable service. Rugged, 6 x 2 roller bearing casters made of black polypropylene tread core, provide smooth mobility under the heaviest loads. The internal locking system cannot be reached by bolt cutters or hacksaws. The 297XB drawers are made to handle the heaviest loads while extended 100%.

Three member, full ball-bearing slides with four levels of ball bearings permit effortless, feather-light movement even though drawers are fully loaded. Self-cleaning bridged retainers prevent dirt from building up and keep drawers operating smoothly for years under the heaviest loads.

Kennedy Tool 297XB

February 8, 2012 on 1:44 am

Our featured hand cleaner for February 2012 is Stoko Skin Cares Kresto Select.  Kresto Select is a solvent free hand formulated to remove the toughest dirt and grim from hard working hands.  Kresto Select cleans the pores without drying or irritating the skin.  Kresto Select has the same tough cleaning properties of the original Kresto without the solvents.   For most individuals small amounts of solvents will not have any effect the skin.  Kresto Select is developed for those hands that suffer from extreme skin irritation.  This product is ideal for warehouses, garages, machine shops and anywhere a tough hand cleaner is needed.

Contains all-natural walnut shell scrubbers


February 7, 2012 on 1:57 am

Vibra-Tite has officially changed their best selling product name from VC-3 Original to VC-3 Threadmate.    Same as the original with a fresh name and marketing label.  Vibra-Tite VC-3 (formerly Vibra-Tite Formula 3) is a powerful locking and sealing coating for threaded fasteners that works on the principle of “friction through viscosity.” It utilizes a special blend of acrylic resins to prevent fasteners from loosening – even under extreme vibration.

The difference between VC-3 Threadmate and original threadlockers is it’s ability to be effective on multiple substrates.  VC-3 can be used  3-5 times before needing to reapply.   Pre-cleaning of parts is not required except for wiping off any visible oil, grease, or dirt for optimal performance.