October 13, 2011 on 7:28 pm

Vibra-Tite has solved the solution to having to purchase a big bottle of threadlocker when you only need a drop.  We all have a bottle that is 5 years old in the shop that has gone bad.  Vibra-Tite has introduced the new 2ml reusable bullet tube.  Each 2ml threadlocker bullet tube is good for 15-20 application.  Many distributors are finding the new Threadlocker Display very useful for walk in traffic.   Best of all, this product is made in Michigan!

Medium Strength Threadlocker Display

October 13, 2011 on 2:25 pm

LPS ChainMate is JD Industrial Supply’s featured product for October 2011.   ChainMate is a high quality American made chain and wire rope lubricant.   ChainMate increase chain and wire rope life due specific formulation of molybdenum disulfide. This unique formulation allows ChainMate  to penetrate deep into the core of the chain allowing for a high performance lubricant  under extreme temperatures.  It’s ability to resist washout makes ChainMate stand out from other brands.    LPS ChainMate can be used on bushings, cables, chains, cutting tools, forklifts, pulleys and more!


LPS ChainMate

October 10, 2011 on 1:40 pm

Our most popular selling epoxy putty stick for 2011 is PSI’s Aquamend.  Aquamend is specifically engineered to provide maximum bond strength to items such as boat hulls and other fiberglass structures used in water.  The reason it’s strength is superior to it’s competitors is the fact that it has been formulated with fiberglass which allows for a complete bond when applied underwater.   Aquamend is also safe for repairs on fish aquariums!

Aquamend Epoxy Putty Sticks are made in the U.S.A!  Quality raw materials reflect it’s performance in lab test over it’s over seas generic competition.

Aquamend Epoxy Putty Sticks

AuaMend Epoxy

October 6, 2011 on 1:34 pm

Hanging utility boxes, transformers and many other mounting applications can be time consuming and costly.   Securing high cost materials to poles is a never ending battle for most municipality workers and electricians.    Band-It Idex Company has developed the new Band-It Bolt Clamp to solve these job specific applications.  These Bolt Clamps conveniently adjust to the size you need allowing for a secure attachment in the field.  High wind and vibration can wreak havoc on costly materials.  A high quality non corrosive bolt clamp will help eliminate these issues saving you time and money.

What makes the new Band-It Bolt Clamp different from the competition is it’s ability to be applied without a specific banding tool.  A simple wrench or ratchet is all you need in the field to apply these bolt clamps.  Band-It Bolt Clamps can be adjusted, reused and secured for permanent attachments.


Band-It Bolt Clamp


Band-It Bolt Clamps can be used along with Band-It Banding Products.

Band-It Banding Products