July 20, 2011 on 2:47 pm

Bonding a very durable waterproof seal for marine use is essential to make any marine vessel seaworthy.  Bostik has engineered their marine products for  high strength bonding to plywood, aluminum, fiberglass and other composite materials.  Bostik’s Marine Sealants offer excellent UV resistance and will not shrink, chalk or crack over time.  The great thing about these products is pretreatment is not required saving you time and money.   Easy to use, easy to sand, easy to paint and most importantly easy on the environment.

The most common marine sealant is the Bostik 920 Fast Set AdhesiveBostik’s 920 FS can be used on above deck and below deck assemblies.   It’s a very effective product for interior panel and partition bonding due to it’s strong and durable adhesive properties.    It’s ease of use makes it a pleasure to work with at the plant or for guy working on his boat at home.

Marine Bonding