June 9, 2011 on 4:11 pm

E–6000 Adhesive allows for the kind of permanent repairs of equipment that were to difficult or expensive in the past.  E-6000 is among the strongest one-component, multi-purpose adhesive and sealants available on the industrial market.  A very high tensile strength adhesive glue that allows for flexibility and expansion.  A flexible adhesive is  extremely important for underwater applications and cold temperatures.  This elasticity makes E-6000 ideal as a adhesive or sealant between surfaces with dissimilar expansion coefficients.

E-6000 provides a superior bond on stubborn porous and non-porous substrates to include: plastic, metal, concrete, glass, tile, vinyl, ceramic, canvas, wood and leather.  E-6000 provides durability outperforming silicone’s, acrylics and rubber cements.


E-6000 Ahesvie