May 25, 2011 on 6:36 pm

Famocrete Instant Concrete Repair is the newest innovation on the industrial market for fixing broken or cracked concrete.  A sag-resistant polyurethane repair for virtually any concrete repair  that requires a strong hold with a fast set up time.  Famocrete can be used to fill voids or patches in walls, repair sidewalks to avoid possible slip and fall accidents.   It’s non-sag formulation allows Famocrete to be applied onto flat, sloped, and vertical concrete.  A strong adhesion to concrete with no shrinking makes this instant concrete repair extremely unique from the competition.

Contains No Solvents – Less than 1% VOC

Famocrete Instant Concrete Repair

May 23, 2011 on 3:39 pm

The large volume of rain this spring has created damage on floors and carpet around the country.  Floor maintenance is a concern for longevity and safety in all work environments.  Experts recommend a minimum of 10-12 feet of quality matting product for safety and cleanliness.   85% of all soils  are left on the first 12 feet of your entrance way. Andersen Waterhog floor mats are a perfect way to maintain a clean safe entrance way into any building.   The Waterhog combines a scrapping and wiping design to stop the maximum amount of dirt, eliminating the tracking of soil through out  the building.   Waterhog floor mats are able to do this by their unique design to store contaminates.    If  soils are not contained, contaminates flow off the sides of the mat causing damage and possible slip and fall accidents.  Waterhog floor mats can be power washed to keep them clean and attractive.

Waterhog Floor Mats


May 20, 2011 on 2:11 pm

Sprayon’s Zinc-Rich Cold Galvanizing Compounds are high performance primers containing 97% pure zinc dust pigment blended with epoxy resin.  They stop rust by electrochemical action on steel or galvanized coatings.  These inorganic, self-sacrificing primers protect the base metal, preserving strength and preventing rust creepage when the area is penetrated or scratched.  Sprayon’s Cold Galvanizing Compound fuses zinc to the metal substrate and delivers protection against corrosion equal to or better that hot dipped galvanize.

Low VOC content compliant in all 50 states.

Cold galvanizing compounds are used in various applications to include: structural steel, automobiles, guard rails, bridges, television towers, damaged galvanized surfaces, welding joints and many more.  Use Sprayon’s cold galvanizing compound as a primer on anything you want to keep from rusting.   Check out the test panel below comparing Sprayon’s cold galvanizing compound to the competition.

Sprayon Cold Galvanizing Compound


Sprayon S00740

May 19, 2011 on 6:24 pm

Need to secure a perimeter now?  Keep out looters?  Band-It makes securing temporary fencing easy easy with our tamper proof Ulta-Lok Products.  For any type of quick fix, use our stainless steel cable ties for securing items in almost any type of application.


Band-It Security Fencing Products

May 18, 2011 on 8:14 pm

When traffic lights and signs have been demolished, rehang them FAST with the superior strength of Band-It brand band and buckle products. Band-It products are the industry standard for quality and performance in municipal applications.  Mounting plates can be used to hang temporary span wire for traffic signals.   Check out our complete lines for more permanent traffic and sign hanging solutions.  Here are just a few products that will help get the job done fast and efficient.


Band-It Traffic and Sign hanging Management

May 17, 2011 on 1:46 pm

Flooding?  Large volumes of water need to be moved fast.  Band-It Index company has a wide variety of hose clamping products for suction and discharge houses to use to remove high volumes of water.  Getting the water out fast and efficient is the goal in a disaster recovery area before more damage takes place.   Band-It Products make hose assembly quick and easy to save you time and money.  Stainless Steel hose clamps and high quality hand tools make it simple and fast to remove high volumes of water in the toughest industrial environments.  A large selection of preformed ultra-lok and center punch clamps are available accommodate your job and budget.  When it comes to removing water, band-it clamps are there when you need them.


Band-It Water Removal Products

May 13, 2011 on 3:52 pm

Choosing the correct Hot Melt Glue gun can be overwhelming to say the least.   There are many factors to keep in mind when choosing a high caliber hot melt glue gun.  Glue output, weight, temperature range, balance  are a few things to consider.   Most of the time when a hot melt glue is not working, it’s not the glue it’s the glue gun.  Make sure to check the directions or technical data sheet of the hot melt glue you are using.  Most glue’s recommend a certain temperature for the glue to melt properly.  If the glue is not melted to the ideal temperature then the set up time can be effected.  The Surebonder Company offers many different glue guns that will match up well with the hot melt glue you are using.


Surebonder’s PRO95000A Industrial Strength Glue gun has been the best selling glue gun  for five years.  With it’s 7lbs of glue per hour output it’s performance is second to none.  The PRO95000A allows for temperature adjustment to meet your application needs.   A light weight well balanced design is what keeps customers coming back.

Surebonder PRO95000A


Surebonder’s PRO8000A High Temperature Glue Gun with 180 watts of heating power has a very fast heat up time.  This is a nice feature when a glue gun is not going to be running all day.  With a maximum temperature of 380 F, this gun will meet most industrial applications.

Surebonder Pro8000A


Surebonder’s PRO4000A All purpose glue gun is a perfect gun to have around the home or office.  This hot melt glue gun puts out 2.5lbs of glue pre hour.  The PRO400A is a perfect do it yourself hot melt Glue Gun.

Surebonder PRO4000A

May 13, 2011 on 3:13 pm

When you need to fasten, clamp, bundle, band or just hand something, Band-It products stand up to the elements and stay put for the long haul.  Great for handing PA systems or security systems and other miscellaneous objects.  Band-It Device Attachment & Mounting products are made of stainless steel to withstand corrosion & oxidation.  All Band-It Steel Ties are manufactured with the idea for a long term fastening applications in mind.

Band-It Object Attachment & Mounting Products

XE9229: The Band-It XE9229 tensions and cuts off Ball-Lokt Ties up to 12mm wide regardless of material or coating.

BAND-IT Ties are made from high strength, corrosion resistant Steel. Available in the AA series constructed of 200/300 Stainless Steel with Nylon 11 coating. Band-It Ties have been developed for use in applications where long-term corrosion protection is a must. Band-It Steel Cable Ties can be reused.

Ball Lok Ties products can be used in a variety of ways to bundle wires, secure cables, fasten security devices and many more applications. Ball Lok Ties provide a speedy and effective application. CE Marked, DNV Approved, Coast Guard Approved.

Band-It Multi-Lok Ties are self-locking for fast, easy application. Multi-Lok Ties are available in 316 stainless steel. Band-It Multi-Lok Ties can be used in a variety of ways to bundle wires, secure cables, fasten security devices and many more.

Band-It Tie-Lok Ties provide a fast, consistent and reliable clamp. A very low profile clamp with a patented dimple lock.

May 12, 2011 on 2:17 pm

Having a 100% enclosed industrial fan motor is a must in most industrial environments.  A totally enclosed fan motor allows for operation at dusty and dirty job sites.  Small dirt particles can get inside the motor and destroy or shorten the life of the fan.  A enclosed motor fan also cuts down on the amount of noise output.   This allows you to run a fan where phones and conversation takes place.  TPI Industrial Fans are known for there high quality enclosed fan motors.  TPI Fans are manufactured in the USA.  TPI Industrial manufactures a variety of fans with enclosed motors to include: Pedestal Fans, Floor Fans, Workstation Fans, Wall Mounted Fans and Blower Fans.

Here is a picture of a enclosed fan motor.   This is a enclosed 1/8HP motor on a 18″ Industrial Floor Fan manufactured by TPI Industrial.

Enclosed Fan Motor


Enclosed Motor TPI Industrial Portable Misting Fan

May 11, 2011 on 2:32 pm

Fluid transfer can be one of the most complicated jobs when it comes to fastening and banding solutions.  Sometimes stainless steel is need if the environment is corrosive or if oxidation is a issue.  Speed is also become a issue when a job needs done by a certain deadline.  Band-It Clamping company has a wide variety of tools and products to meet all of these needs.  Band-It Stainless Steel hose clamps can be used on water hoses or anywhere you need to move fluids from one point to another.    We are continuing to make a user friendly shopping experience at JD Industrial Supply company. It’s our job to educate you on the products you need to complete your job.  Here is a breakdown of the most common Band-It products used for Fluid Transfer applications.


Band-It Fluid Transfer Products

Band-It C00269 Jr. Hand Tool is used to apply  BAND-IT Jr. Smooth ID Clamps

Band It Jr. Preformed Clamps are vibration resistant and require no hammering or crimping. It is automatically locked in one simple lever movement. BAND-IT Jr. Preformed clamps are available in 201 Stainless Steel. Band-It Jr. Smooth ID Clamps can be used on a variety of industrial hoses in transportation environments including fuel, liquid and chemical transport hoses, vacuum truck hoses, marine hoses, waste-water hoses, rail and light rail hoses.

Band-It T30069 Center Punch Tool is used to apply Center Punch hose clamps for fluid transfer.

BAND-IT center punch clamps are available in 201 stainless steel or heat treated galvanized carbon steel. Center Punch Clamps are locked with a standard conical punch, ensuring a strong, powerful lock for reliable clamping.

The Band-It UL4000 Ultra- Lok Tool is designed for speed and precision.  It is used to apply Band-It Ultra-Lok Preformed clamps. A very common hose clamps for fluid transfer.

Band-It Ultra-Lok bands are 2-3 times faster than traditional band and buckles. Band It’s ultra-lok system was developed with speed and precision in mind.