March 21, 2011 on 6:05 pm

Vibra-TITE announces Sportsman’s Bench Products, the first and only product line of threadlockers, adhesives, and lubricants to be licensed and endorsed by the National Rifle Association.  These products are geared toward the outdoors man who enjoys hunting, fishing, and ATV’s.  All Sportsman’s Bench Products are made with pride in Michigan.

Vibra-Tite VC-3 Original Sportsman’s Bench Product. This non-traditional threadlocker is adjustable, removable and reusable.

Sportsman’s Bench Permanent, high strength threadlocker is formulated to lock fasteners up to 1″. Red Gel Threadlockers create no waste saving you time and money.

Vibra-Tite Sportsman’s Bench all-purpose, medium-strength, blue gel threadlocker for fasteners 1/4″ to 3/4″ in diameter.

Vibra-Tite Multi-Purpose SuperGlue for a strong, quick repairs. A single-part clear adhesives that rapidly polymerize at room temperature and develop strength extremely fast (fixture 0 to 60 seconds).

Vibra-Tite Sportsman’s High Temperature Anti Seize Compound.

DriveGrip Anti Cam-Out Fluid helps prevent fastener slippage, thereby sparing the time and expense involved with drilled-out screws, easy-outs, and retapping. DriveGrip makes removing or tightening screws and other fasteners a breeze.

The Sportsman’s Bench ( 6 pack ) Products line of threadlockers, adhesives, and lubricants are designed for the outdoor enthusiast.

Vibra-Tite Sportsman's Bench Products




March 11, 2011 on 9:25 pm

Anti-Seize products are used virtually on anything that is put together that someday may have to be taken apart.  Anti-Seize compounds are used from spark plugs to lawn mower blades.   The type of anti-seize used is as simple as the temperature of the application.

Nickel-Graphite Anti-Seize: Nickel graphite lubricating compounds are formulated to protect up to 2600 degress fahrenheit against environmental corrosion.  Highly acidic environments will require a nickel anti-seize.

Nickel Anti-Seize

Regular Grade Anti-Seize: Are a general purpose anti-seize where temperatures don’t go over 1600 F.  Regular grade protects against rust, corrosion, and seizing in the toughest industrial environments. Our Anti Seize consist of flaked particles in a special blend of lubricants and oils. This product can be used on nuts, bolts, screws, gears, and much more.


Regular Grade Anti-Seize Compound

March 9, 2011 on 4:20 pm

JD Industrial Supply was founded in 1967 through selling  Anti-Seize Compounds. We have sold nearly every brand on the industrial market. JD is proud to announce we now have our own brand of Aluminum and Nickel based anti-seize products. Being in the business for over fifty years we have formulated a product that we know will withstand the toughest industrial applications. JD’S Anti-Seize is formulated to stop all seizing, galling, and corrosion. It will not burn or wash off with high temperatures or high pressures. For those who put things together that someday may have to be taken apart, JD’s Anti-Seize is a life and time saver!


JD's Nickel Anti-Seize

JD's Aluminum Anti-Seize

March 8, 2011 on 7:45 pm

Threadlockers are designed to put on fasteners prior to installation.  The purpose of the threadlocker is to lock fasteners in place so they don’t loosen or vibrate free.   The biggest problem with purchasing threadlockers is the size of the containers.  A 50 ml bottle will last the average home owner their entire life.  Vibra-Tite has developed a 2ml reusable threadlocker tube designed for the individual that has small and medium sized projects.    This threadlocker is available in red and blue and comes with a screw on cap.   One threadlocker tube is good for 15-25 applications.

Removable Threadlocker

Medium Strength Removable Threadlocker