December 9, 2010 on 2:43 pm

The Andersen Mat company makes a wide variety of Anti-Fatigue Mats to meet any application or environment.  Anti-Fatigue Mats mats are essentially foam, gel, or rubber mats that help to absorb impact and more evenly distribute your weight.  Anti-Fatigue mats are recommended for use in work stations, assembly lines, shipping lines, and many more.  Here are a few anti-fatigue mats that are available at JD Industrial Supply.

The Andersen Hog Heaven with it’s textured surface sets the standard in Anti-Fatigue Floor Mats. This floor mat is perfect for those who have to stand in one place for an extended periods of time.

The Hog Heaven Confetti Anti-Fatigue Mat has a durable comfort with an environmentally friendly all rubber surface. Hog Heaven Confetti utilizes Hog Heaven cushion with a recycled rubber top surface that contains color chips for enhanced appearance. Textured surface is attractive and slip resistant. Available in four complementary colors.

Complete Comfort is a lightweight, yet incredibly durable and chemically resistant anti-fatigue mat for heavy use areas! This extremely dense Nitrile/PVC expanded foam mat gives the customer exceptional anti-fatigue relief without crushing. Complete Comfort is Anti-Static and Grease Proof, making it a perfect mat for Food service applications as well. Complete Comfort is available with or without drainage holes and may be used in wet or dry environments. All edges of Complete Comfort are beveled presenting the best safety precautions. Anti-slip top & Anti-Microbial Beveled edges. Complete Comfort is available in 3 and 4 foot widths.