November 18, 2010 on 9:21 pm

Slips, Trips and Falls account for Billions of dollars spent annually by companies. Consider these facts and the importance of the use of “High Performance Mat products“.

85% of worker’s compensation claims are attributed to employees slipping on slick floors (Industrial Safety & Occupational Health Markets 5th edition)

Litigation can exceed $12,000 (Wausau Insurance Co)

8 million people seek emergency medical attention as a result of slip & fall accidents (National Safety Council)

22% of slip/fall incidents resulted in more than 31 days away from work (US Bureau of Labor Statistics 2002)

Compensation & medical costs associated with employee slip/fall accidents are approximately $70 billion annually (National Safety Council Injury Facts 2003 edition)

50% of all accidents happen due to poor floor conditions.

Check out a group of floor mats that can help prevent slip and fall accidents.

November 16, 2010 on 2:39 pm

The Waterhog Classic Diamond Entrance Mat is perfect for any location inside and out. The rubber reinforced face nubs and waffle design provide crush prove scrapping action. This is the perfect rug to keep you floor clean and dry. The diamond classic floor mat has a added beauty that can dress up any office building.  This has become our most popular selling floor mat for office building.

Durable 24 oz./yd. Dual Denier face construction for maximum

100% Polypropylene fibers systems dries quickly and won’t fade or rot.

Unique ridged construction effectively removes and holds dirt & moisture
below shoe level.

Certified slip-resistant by the National Floor Safety Institute.

Waterhog Fashion Diamond comes with a designer fabric border and

Waterhog Classic Diamond comes with a commercial rubber border.

Exclusive rubber-reinforced face pattern prevents pile from crushing,
extending performance life.

Exclusive “Water Dam” border allows Waterhog to trap dirt and water.

Green friendly rubber backing has 15-20% recycled rubber content and is
available in smooth or cleated backing.

Perfect for indoor or outdoor applications.

November 10, 2010 on 8:24 pm

With the winter months fast approaching we have to prepare ourselves and our building for the wet and dirty weather.  JD Industrial Supply has just teamed up with the Andersen Company to bring you the Waterhog Entrance Mat. The concept behind the design of the Waterhog floor mat is to effectively trap dirt and moisture from shoes and keep you floor clean, dry and safe from slip and fall accidents.  The Waterhog exclusive rubber-reinforced face nubs prevent breakdown in high traffic areas maintaining the appearance and life of your floor mat.   A exclusive water dam border keeps dirt and water in the mat and off the floor, minimizing slip and hazards and floor damage.

Purchasing a quality made floor mat can save you up to 60% over have a cleaning / laundry service washing your current low end mats.   Remember, laundry means laundering you money, so be very aware of those uniform companies that charge big rats to wash low end floor mats.    Low end mats create hazards and cost you more in the long run, not to mention they look and feel low end.  A waterhog floor mat can dress up the entrance way of any building and provide the safety we all strive for within an organization.

WaterHog Classic Floor Mat