October 20, 2010 on 2:29 pm

Markal has introduced a five new Fluorescent Valve Action Paint Markers to it’s line up.  The reason we really have taken notice to the bright new colors is it’s ability to make bright identification marks.    A lot of our customer base who uses paint pens are those who work in conditions were low light and dust is a big problem.

Fluorescent Paint Markers


* Visually distinctive fluorescent colors provide high visibility marks for instant identification.

* Fast-drying, xylene-free paint conforms to safety standards such as California Proposition 65 and EPA HAPS and SARA 313.

* Ideal for marking on metal, plastic, wood, rubber, ceramic, glass, and stone

UV Valve Action Paint Marker.
When security or quality control checks are demanded, use the NEW Valve Action® Paint Marker-UV.


* Makes clear, invisible marks that illuminate as a bright blue mark when viewed under an ultraviolet or black light

* Ideal for identification marking such as security, quality control, tamper-proofing, and anti-counterfeiting.

* Perfect for variety of non-porous surfaces such as metals, plastic, glass, ceramic, rubber, and stone.C

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