October 20, 2010 on 6:08 pm

For individuals who work with our hands, a heavy duty soap is as important as a wrench or hammer.  Frequent hand washing can dry and irritate the skin.   Many of our  hand cleaners are formulated for those with sensitive skin and people who wash several times a hour.  Deb Products and Stoko Skin Care puts millions of dollars in research and development on their natural hand cleaners.   Stoko Skin Care uses a biodegradable walnut shell scrubber.  Deb Product Group uses a all natural corn meal pumice as their scrubber.  Both natural scrubbers are very effective on industrial dirt and grease.  Below are a few different products you can check out and see what fits your needs.  Our hands are our tools so let take care of them!

Kresto Hand Cleaner is an extra-heavy duty hand cleaner, ideal for the toughest industrial dirt. Contains a biodegradable natural scrubber, a safe solvent and the patented ingredient EUCORNOL, which improves skin compatibility.

Solopol Hand Cleaner is a completely solvent-free hand cleaner which contains non-aggressive natural scrubber. It has a very good skin compatibility and excellent cleaning power in cases of common industrial dirt (grease, oil, mineral oil, lubricating oil, graphite and metal dust) that often cannot be removed at all by products containing no scrubbers.

SBS LimeWash Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner is a solvent free soap that is ideal for general industry. The use of natural cornmeal scrubbers leaves the skin feeling clean and moisturized after each use.

Deb’s Heritage Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner provides twice the scrubbing power than normal hand cleaners without drying out your hands. Heritage soap can remove the toughest dirt to include tar, oil, carbon black and more. Deb Technology shows using corn meal as a natural pumice leaves the skin feel soft and healthy. Our hands are our tools so let’s take care of them.

Deb Heritage Hand Cleaner

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