October 29, 2010 on 6:41 pm

Vibra-Tite threadlockers come in different grades for different applications.  At this point you are probably asking yourself which one do I use?   Picking the right threadlocker can be as easy as picking the correct color.  I have broken it down into categories to make it much more simple.

Permanent (RED):  A heavy duty Threadlocker. Permanent Strength Threadlockers are designed to provide medium-high strength threadlocking where controlled torque / tension is required. Material lubricates during assembly, securing parts with medium-high strength retention allowing disassembly when required.

High Strength (RED):  High Strength Threadlockers are a general purpose adhesive for permanent threaded assemblies. 140 locks fasteners up to 1″ in diameter sealing against leakage and corrosion. It resists attack from most fuels, lubricants and most industrial gases.

Medium Strength (Blue):  Medium Strength (Removeable) Threadlockers are a general purpose product. 121 will hold all metric, imperial or conventional sized nuts and bolts, meeting the requirements of over 80% of fastening applications. It does not run off or drip and does not migrate after assembly due to its thixotropic chemistry. Once applied, parts install easily, lubricated by the adhesive.  Fasteners can be removed with hand tools.

Low Strength (Purple):  Low Strength Threadlockers are a thixotropic anaerobic threadlocker designed for easy disassembly of threaded components. The anaerobic nature cures only when confined between two metal parts. The products low removal torque allows easy disassembly yet provides vibration and shock resistance.

So know we now how easy it is!  Just remember the colors and you will know which threadlocker you will need.  Remember to clean and dry all parts before applying the threadlocker.  Always tighten to the recommended torque level of the manufacture.

October 26, 2010 on 7:04 pm

LPS Lubricants have become our #1 selling line of industrial lubricants, greases and rust inhibitors in 2010. We feel the quality is top of the line in today’s highly competitive industrial market. From packaging to performance, LPS keeps leading the way over the competition.

LPS 1 lubricant is ideal for drying out electrical / electronic components and delicate mechanisms. The dry, thin, lubricating film resists oil, dust and dirt build up while providing a short term, light, corrosion resistant barrier. Its fast penetration helps loosen rusted or frozen parts. LPS 1 is safe on paint and most plastics.

LPS 2 is a multi-purpose lubricant and penetrate with added corrosion protection. It forms a long lasting, oily film lubricant which reduces wear caused by friction and corrosion. LPS 2 is a excellent protective coating for hand and machine tools, parts and equipment. Providing up to one year of corrosion protection, LPS 2 can be used on indoor and outdoor equipment and is safe on paint and most plastics.

LPS 3 protects metal parts stored indoors for up to two years. LPS 3 forms a soft, self-healing, waxy film that acts as an effective barrier sealing out moisture, acid, dirt, sand, dust and other corrosive elements. LPS 3 also provides, non-sling lubrication. It is safe to use on most surfaces and does not contain any chlorinated solvents or silicone. It is non-conductive and non-staining.

October 20, 2010 on 6:08 pm

For individuals who work with our hands, a heavy duty soap is as important as a wrench or hammer.  Frequent hand washing can dry and irritate the skin.   Many of our  hand cleaners are formulated for those with sensitive skin and people who wash several times a hour.  Deb Products and Stoko Skin Care puts millions of dollars in research and development on their natural hand cleaners.   Stoko Skin Care uses a biodegradable walnut shell scrubber.  Deb Product Group uses a all natural corn meal pumice as their scrubber.  Both natural scrubbers are very effective on industrial dirt and grease.  Below are a few different products you can check out and see what fits your needs.  Our hands are our tools so let take care of them!

Kresto Hand Cleaner is an extra-heavy duty hand cleaner, ideal for the toughest industrial dirt. Contains a biodegradable natural scrubber, a safe solvent and the patented ingredient EUCORNOL, which improves skin compatibility.

Solopol Hand Cleaner is a completely solvent-free hand cleaner which contains non-aggressive natural scrubber. It has a very good skin compatibility and excellent cleaning power in cases of common industrial dirt (grease, oil, mineral oil, lubricating oil, graphite and metal dust) that often cannot be removed at all by products containing no scrubbers.

SBS LimeWash Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner is a solvent free soap that is ideal for general industry. The use of natural cornmeal scrubbers leaves the skin feeling clean and moisturized after each use.

Deb’s Heritage Heavy Duty Hand Cleaner provides twice the scrubbing power than normal hand cleaners without drying out your hands. Heritage soap can remove the toughest dirt to include tar, oil, carbon black and more. Deb Technology shows using corn meal as a natural pumice leaves the skin feel soft and healthy. Our hands are our tools so let’s take care of them.

Deb Heritage Hand Cleaner

October 20, 2010 on 2:29 pm

Markal has introduced a five new Fluorescent Valve Action Paint Markers to it’s line up.  The reason we really have taken notice to the bright new colors is it’s ability to make bright identification marks.    A lot of our customer base who uses paint pens are those who work in conditions were low light and dust is a big problem.

Fluorescent Paint Markers


* Visually distinctive fluorescent colors provide high visibility marks for instant identification.

* Fast-drying, xylene-free paint conforms to safety standards such as California Proposition 65 and EPA HAPS and SARA 313.

* Ideal for marking on metal, plastic, wood, rubber, ceramic, glass, and stone

UV Valve Action Paint Marker.
When security or quality control checks are demanded, use the NEW Valve Action® Paint Marker-UV.


* Makes clear, invisible marks that illuminate as a bright blue mark when viewed under an ultraviolet or black light

* Ideal for identification marking such as security, quality control, tamper-proofing, and anti-counterfeiting.

* Perfect for variety of non-porous surfaces such as metals, plastic, glass, ceramic, rubber, and stone.C

October 13, 2010 on 8:38 pm

Deb AeroGreen Antibacterial Foaming Hand Soap has just become JD Industrial Supply #1 selling foaming hand soap.  It is designed for any home or office.  We are finding most of our customer base is coming from the business side.  Deb 1-liter proline foam soap dispensers look great in any professional setting and saves the consumer money.  A 1-Liter cartridge provides up to 1400 hand washes!  AeroGreen Foaming Soap contains conditioners that keep you skin feeling soft and healthy.   AeroGreen soap rinses easly from the skin and leaves not soapy residues.  We now have Deb AeroGreen in two different sizes:

Deb AeroGreen Foam Soap 1-Liter Cartride

October 12, 2010 on 4:03 pm

Deb InstantFOAM is a unique, hypoallergenic, alcohol-based hand sanitizer which is dispensed into the hands as a foam. The fast acting and highly effective formula kills 99.999% of most common germs, helping to reduce the risk of the spread of infection diseases.

Deb InstantFOAM is scientifically tested to be 99.999% effective and, therefore, is:

10 times better than a product that is only 99.99% effective
100 times better than a product that is only 99.9% effective
1,000 times better than a product that is only 99% effective
10,000 times better than a product that is only 90% effective

Deb announced today that its InstantFOAM Alcohol Hand Sanitizer is now EcoLogo certified. EcoLogo is the largest, most respected environmental standard in North America. EcoLogo Certification, a third-party eco-labeling program, acknowledges the Deb InstantFOAM  Alcohol Hand Sanitizer meets the program’s Instant Hand Antiseptic Products standard (CCD-170) for environmental leadership.

This article is from the deb group learning zone.

October 7, 2010 on 12:43 am

Foaming Hand Soaps have gained popularity throughout the last couple of years for many good reasons.   Hand washing stations are popping up all over the work place with foam soap dispensers.  Keeping the skin in good condition while at work is important to the well being of employees.    Foam soap has gained it’s popularity do to it’s cost effectiveness and it’s ability to adapt with the green movement.   When using Deb’s foaming soap dispenser you are using 40% less product then traditional liquid soap.   Another benefit is less water is required per hand wash with foaming hand cleaners.

Foaming hand soap is considered to be much cleaner then other forms of hand cleaners.  Bar soap can spread bacteria when be used by many different individuals.  With a foaming hand soap there is no cross contamination of bacteria.   Foam soap is ideal for any  hospital, office building and home.  Deb Products has a number of different foam soaps to fit your personal and professional needs.

Deb AeroGreen Antibacterial Foaming Hand Soap is the ideal foam soap for any home or office. This foaming soap is considered to be a high quality antibacterial formula that provides effective protection from most common bacterias. AeroGreen Foam Soap contains skin conditioners to improve hydration and prevent drying of the skin.

Deb Aero Blue Hand and Body Wash is a high quality cost effective foam cleaner that leaves the skin feeling silky and smooth after each use. Aero Blue Foam contains a skin conditioner to improve hydration and prevent drying of the skin. This product is the perfect foaming hand wash for general industry, healthcare, schools and office environments.

Deb Aero Rose Luxury Foaming Soap is a high quality formula that provides a silky smooth feeling with a fresh fragrance. Aero Rose Foam Soap is ideal for the home, office, hospitals, restaurants and more.