September 20, 2010 on 8:11 pm

JD Industrial Supply was founded in 1967 through selling Anti-Seize Compounds.  We have sold nearly every brand in the industrial market.  JD is proud to announce we now have our own brand of Aluminum and Nickel based anti-seize products.  Being in the business for over fifty years we have formulated a product that we know will withstand the toughest industrial applications.  JD’S Anti-Seize is formulated to stop all seizing, galling, and corrosion.  It will not burn or wash off with high temperatures or high pressures.  For those who put things together that someday may have to be taken apart, JD’s Anti-Seize is a life and time saver!

Have you ever had a hard time taking your  lawn mower blades off the deck to sharpen them?  As you know after a year of being exposed to grass and water those bolts can be fairly hard to remove.  Try using a thin layer of anti-seize over the bolts before putting the blades back on.  It will make your life so much easier when you go to sharpen them next year.  This is just one example of where Anti-Seize compounds can be used.  JD’s Anti-Seize can be used anywhere you want to make removal of a threaded fastener easier.

Aluminum Anti-Seize Compounds are a fine blend of aluminum, cooper and graphite lubricants designed to prevent corrosion, and seizing. Anti-Seize compounds assure easier disassemble. Our aluminum anti-seize holds up to cold and high temperatures and will not wash out or dry up.  Use up to temperatures of 1600 F.

Nickel Anti-Seize is a nickel graphite lubricating compound formulated to protect up to 2600F against severe environmental corrosion. This product is resistant to corrosive environments especially corrosive acid. JD’s Nickel is a superior high temperature that contains particles of pure nickel and graphite.

JD'S Anti-Seize

September 17, 2010 on 3:30 pm

It’s getting to be that time of year again when we turn off the AC units and crank up the heat.  Many of us who work in office or warehouse don’t always have the most even distributed heat.  Forced heat is efficient, but sometimes we run into a room that is cooler then the rest of the building.  At JD Industrial Supply we have brought on a new line of hydronic electric  baseboard heaters that are of the highest quality and are very efficient to run.  TPI’s 3900 series hydronic baseboard heaters are American made self contained units of the highest quality that are designed for industrial or residential spaces.    Hydronic heat is  the same principle as running water through pipes in your home to keep it warm, also known as baseboard heating.    Heating elements are immersed in a heat transferring  liquid enclosed by a copper tube casting with aluminum fins.  This type of baseboard heater is much cleaner and draft free, so it doesn’t circulate dust, odors, spores, or germs in the room.

3900 Series Hydronic Electric Baseboard Heater

September 8, 2010 on 5:38 pm

The reason why Kresto Hand Soap is the #1 selling hand cleaner at JD Industrial Supply every year is do to it’s unique properties.  Kresto using a biodegradable walnut shell scrubber for their pumice which leaves your skin feeling soft and clean after each wash.  Most of the competitors are using ground up plastic as their scrubber, that can tear and irritate the skin.  Kresto is the toughest product we have tested when it comes to removing grease, oil, dust, lacquers and adhesives we have found on today’s competitive market.  For those of all that spend most of our time in a shop or warehouse require a  tough but gentle hand cleaner.  Most of us wash our hands hourly which can start to irritate or dry out our skin.  This is ware Kresto Hand Soap unique formulation starts to stand out from the competition.  We asked a 100 of our customers who use kresto throughout the whole day how their skin felt at the end of the work week.  The response was consistent across the board, saying their skin felt soft and clean after each hand wash.  By using Kresto they were able to save money on gloves and skin care cream.  Kresto is very cost effective in respect to you only need to use a drop of soap per hand wash.  Try kresto today, your skin will thank you!

Kresto Hand Soap

September 3, 2010 on 7:01 pm

JD Industrial Supply has included CliniShield Hand Hygiene products to our line up!   CliniShield Hand Hygiene products are specifically formulated to be mild and appealing to use by health care professionals. We only select high quality synthetic detergents for our handwash products to minimize dermatitis, even with frequent use.  These products are specifically formulated for the health care profession and individuals with sensitive skin.  All of CliniShield products are very effective and keep your skin feeling soft and healthy.

Clinishield Gentle Skin Cleanser is perfect for those who suffer from dry skin but still want a soap that going to protect them from the spread of infection. Formulated for those with sensitive skin conditions and health care professionals.

CliniShield Healthcare Personnel Handwash Antibacterial hand soap for professionals.
An extremely mild yet highly effective antimicrobial handwash with 1% Triclosan for use before and after clinical contact.