August 30, 2010 on 8:11 pm

JD Industrial Supply has announced that Kennedy Tool will be on board come September 2010.  Kennedy Tool manufacture quality American made tool storage mobile and stationary workstations.  These tool boxes are hand made and are designed for the toughest industrial environments.  Kennedy Tool has a extensive line to include machinists’ chests and roller cabinets, to modular storage, visual organization, and mobile maintenance carts and benches.

Kennedy tool storage units will be available online in September 2010 at JD Industrial Supply.

August 10, 2010 on 7:51 pm

A great product that doesn’t get much publicity is our Wright Tool display boards.  Wright Tool offers a wide selection of display boards to help you show and sell wright products. There’s a display board for virtually every product category, as well as modular boards and components that help you customize your tools.

Many of our customers really like the boards due to you don’t loose near as many tools.  Each slot is labeled with the correct tool number so you know if you are missing on.  Great for keeping track of your hand tools.

August 4, 2010 on 12:46 pm

3M’s new 20 series economical spray adhesive is a strong addition to 3m’s market.   These spray adhesives are designed to compete but still keeping the cost down.

A versatile economical, industrial grade, mist spray aerosol adhesive.

Ideal for bonding paper, cardboard, fabrics, soft foams and many other lightweight materials.

A few of the benefits of 3M’s 20 series.

•Ultimate convenience in a sprayable adhesive
–No equipment
–No mess
–Extremely portable
–Competitive price point

3M™ Multi-Purpose 27 Spray Adhesive

•Fast tack
•Versatile light weight adhesive
•Industrial grade
•Mist spray pattern
•Bonds many substrates:
–Soft foams

3M Multi-Purpose Spray Adhesive