June 18, 2010 on 6:01 pm

Finally it is here!!!  The  Amazing Goop Anti-Skid Epoxy spray that provides a hard, flat, textured finish that helps avoid slip and fall accidents.  If I had a nickel for every time I have needed a product of this sort I would be a rich man.  I received a sample of this product from amazing goop and or course I had to put it to the test.  I used it on my 14″ Jon boat to create a non-slip service.  It worked beyond my greatest dreams.  Instead of having to put in indoor outdoor carpet I just sprayed the inside of the boat.  Now it is much safer when it’s exposed to water.  Most of the time due to my Labrador retriever bringing  in half the lake with him.  I had my entire boat done in less then ten minutes.  Carpet would have taken hours to put inside to create the same non-slip surface.  Here are the specs:

Coverage Up to 15 sq. ft. per can.

Dry to Touch Dries quickly in 10 to 20 minutes at 77  F

Application Temperature 50 to 90 °F / 10 to 32°C

Anti-Skid with Grit

June 8, 2010 on 8:02 pm

Liquid Shade is a portable, battery- operated outdoor mister to reduce heat. This is our best selling portable mister. Being cordless is a big plus when you are on the go.

It’s ideal for patios/backyards, outdoor events, outdoor sports, tailgating, jobsites, & more. Use it anywhere it gets hot!

No Cords. No Hoses. Fully Self-Contained.

No Cords. No Hoses. Fully Self-Contained. Liquid Shade’s battery lasts up to 8 hours of continuous use. Each tank of water lasts for 1 hour of cool misting and you can refill easily from any water source. Its all-terrain wheels roll over sand, grass, and gravel, so you can take it with you anywhere. The Liquid Shade Portable Mister follows you everywhere — to the pool, sporting events, or camping trips. Air conditioners can protect you indoors, but you’re at the mercy of the heat once you step outside. This outdoor cooling system creates a 10-ft. radius of relief by making the temperature feel up to 30°F cooler.
 6″W x 18″D x 47″-70″H, 27 lbs.
June 3, 2010 on 8:16 pm

Choosing the right fan is a big decision this time of year.  We want something that puts out high CFM that is not going to break the bank.   TPI Industrial Fans are made in the USA for the toughest industrial environments at a competitive rate.

When choosing a new fan the first question you should ask yourself is:  Where am I going to use it.  Most industrial fans are used in warehouses our big shops.  The environments have a tendency to be dirty do to manufacturing.   A direct drive motor is the only way to go.  Direct drive motors are totally enclosed to protect itself from dirt and dust.   The result of this technology is a longer  lasting quieter fan. 

Think about where you want to place your fan. There are many different ways to mout your chosen fan.  Pedelstal mounts to ceiling mounts the options are endless.

Direct Drive Blower Fans

Direct Drive Fans