May 28, 2010 on 3:16 pm

It’s summer time in Michigan and that means a couple of things.  Fun in the sun and mosquitoes.   There isn’t anything fun about being sunburn and bitten up after a day on the lake.   Now I have a solution for this problem.  It’s ITW’s Sun Skeeter.   This revolutionary new wipe contains insect repellent plus sunscreen.   20% Deet + SPF 25. 

SUN SKEETER wipes are the first and only pre moistened wipe to combine the power of DEET with UVA/UVB sunscreen protection and are EPA registered and safe to use. The grease less formula is ideal for active users who do not want their skin protection to interfere with their activities and the sweat-resistant formula will not run into the user’s eyes.

Sun Skeeter Wipes

Sun Skeeter Wipes

May 24, 2010 on 7:17 pm
May 17, 2010 on 6:59 pm

I get a lot of  calls with the product LPS 3 rust inhibitor speced in their certain applications.   There first question to me is what is LPS 3.   LPS 3 protects metal parts stored indoors for up to two years. LPS 3 forms a soft, self-healing, waxy film that acts as an effective barrier sealing out moisture, acid, dirt, sand, dust and other corrosive elements. 

That is the text book definition.  Let me break down in simple terms what a rust inhibitor is.

The job of Corrosion Inhibitors is to slow down corrosion.

Corrosion can affect all sorts of metal parts, and the Corrosion Inhibitors reduce the affects of liquids eroding metal. Without Corrosion Inhibitors, the component, part or pipe would corrode quicker, and could become dangerous or even fail completely.

Vehicle oils have Corrosion Inhibitors in them, so that the oil doesn’t damage the moving parts it is designed to protect. As well as vehicle oils, fuels have Corrosion Inhibitors added to them so that they don’t damage the engine.

Pipelines and other structures that carry and process liquids need to be adequately protected against corrosion. These structures are often in constant use, and in remote locations, and any downtime is likely to greatly affect production or distribution.

Oil depots and refineries as well as other places that store liquids for a long time need to ensure that the storage tanks and units are not corroded. This is another reason why fuels need Corrosion Inhibitors adding to them.


LPS 3 rust inhibitor

LPS 3 rust inhibitor

May 4, 2010 on 8:33 pm

All my customers know I love to play with new product lines.  I believe you have to use the product to be able to sell it with confidence.   LPS 1 greesless lubricant is a product that is well know in the aerospace industry, but not as well known in the industrial market.   I tested the LPS along with a good mechanic friend on tail gates of Ford’s F-150.  Their tail  gates have a tendency to squeak over time.  Most lubricants will fix this problem but have to be reapplied weekly.   We used LPS-1 and did not have to reapply for nine weeks.  It blew our mind, we started using it on everything.  I am including several specs today on this product. 

LPS 1 Premium Lubricant

Provides a dry, thin, greaseless lubricating film

Resists oil, dust and dirt build-up

Fast acting penetration

Displaces moisture on electrical components and delicate mechanisms

Loosens rusted or frozen parts

Provides a short term, light, corrosion resistant barrier

LPS Lubricants

LPS Lubricants