March 18, 2010 on 8:48 pm

We have been blogging the last couple months about our new product line Vibra-tite.  Vibra-TITE is one of the world’s market leaders in anaerobics, cyanoacrylates, epoxies and ultra-violet technologies.  I am getting a lot of question from our loyal customers about Vibra-tite Threadlockers.  The most common question is “How do Threadlockers Work”?

Threadlockers are liquid polymers that you brush on the threads of a bolt of screw before you tighten the bolt or screw the fastener into place. The polymer seeps into gaps and microscopic holes and pits in the metal around the threads and thread paths. The polymer sets and hardens, sealing the threads into place and preventing vibration from loosening the fastener.  The polymer only cures in the absence of air, making cleaning up spills easy. The wet threadlocker on the threads also lubricates the fastener when it’s being screwed in. This makes torquing the bolt or screw easier and may even make it easier to set the screw.

Also I am asked, “Whey is the bottle only half full”?
ThreadLockers are Anaerobic Products, which means that they set up in the absence of air. The bottles must have maximum air space to prevent them from setting up.

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March 17, 2010 on 2:23 pm

JD Industrial Supply in proud to announce the new line Omni-Fill Aerosol Filling Systems.Fill your own aerosol cans easily and economically with one of the popular Omni-Fill aerosol filling systems. Whether you’re filling large quantities of colors on a regular basis, single cans of touch-up occassionaly, or any volume in-between, there is an Omni-Fill system that will meet your needs.

The Omni-Fill systemswill be a strong seller for our distributor in the hardware or paint business. Being able to custom aerosol paint cans is something unique to most retailers  No more wasting a left over half gallon paint can. Put your left over paint into a aerosol can that will last for several years. Onmi Fill has several different filling systems to meet your needs.

Super Omni-Fill System 100is the most advanced aerosol filling system in the market. This fully pneumatic, universal pump system is ideal for filling maximum quantities of Omni-Pak® aerosol cans.

Omni-Fill System 11 EZ is a hand operated aerosol filling system ideal for filling the smallest quantities of MasterBlend™ EZ Touch®.

Omni-Fill System 15is a universal hand pump system capable of filling larger quantities of all Omni-Pak® aerosol cans.

Omni-Fill System 35is a universal pneumatic system capable of filling any quantity of Omni-Pak® aerosol cans.

Omni-Fill 100

Omni-Fill 100