February 27, 2010 on 3:57 pm

Last week we were fortunate enough to visit the Vibra-Tite Plant up in Troy Michigan.   Vibra-Tie is a leading manufacture of anaerobic threadlcokers, cyanoacrylates, epoxies and ultra-violet technologies.  This was our first trip to the plant to meet with the sales staff and president of the company.   We were impressed in what we saw to say the least.  The Vibra-Tite research and development department was second to none.  The technology was far non the best I have ever seen in the Anaerobic field.  There product marketing and quality blew our mine.  There products were up to 40% less then the loctite line with higher quality.  We signed the contract and are proud to announce we are now a distributor of the Vibra-Tite products.  As time goes on we will be adding more of their products to JD Industrial Supply.  The VC-3 “Original” durability blew our mind, and is the first item we have brought into stock.  Check them all out at our site, don’t hesitate to give us a call.

February 24, 2010 on 9:30 pm

Vibra-TITE VC-3 “Original” is a powerful locking and sealing coating for threaded fasteners that works on the principle of “friction through viscosity”. Vibra-TITE VC-3 Original utilizes a special blend of acrylic resins to prevent fasteners from loosening even under the stress of prolonged and extreme shock and vibration. Vibra-TITE VC-3 also works to resist leakage at fastening points by acting as a dam between mated threads.

Works on any Substrate. Where anaerobic threadlockers only work on metal to metal, VC-3 works on plastic, wood, metal, and many more. Good for four uses. Unscrew and screw back in four times before reapling it.

February 18, 2010 on 9:48 pm

Band-It UL4000 installs ¾ and ½ in. Ultra-Lok hose clamps made from Type 201 ¼-hard stainless steel band. It locks under full tension, and has smooth buckle design, eliminating potential leak paths. Tool offers dual, 18 V NiCad batteries, mechanical clutch, and programmable torque settings. Pre-determined lengths of Ultra-Lok bands are available from 18 in. to 100 ft.

A Powerful, new battery-powered tool developed by BAND-IT®, “The Clamping Experts, quickly and easily installs patented Ultra-Lok hose clamps virtually anywhere. Pre-determined torque settings eliminate hose assembly guesswork and the ability to lock under full tension insures a tighter, safer, more consistent clamp than traditional band clamping systems.

The Ultra-Lok system has been proven to be equal to or greater in strength than crimped or swaged hose assemblies, and the new UL4000 tool is available at a small fraction of the cost of crimp and swage equipment. Clamps allow fittings to be salvaged for reuse if hoses are damaged, and clamps require fewer SKU’s than crimp and swage. The smooth I.D. buckle design eliminates potential leak paths.

The UL4000 tool installs 3/4″ and 1/2″ Ultra-Lok clamps up to 5 times faster than traditional band and buckle methods, and Ultra-Lok clamps are made from Type 201 1/4 hard stainless steel band for unmatched strength.

February 18, 2010 on 2:58 pm

SCRUBS Hand Cleaner Towels remains an industry leader. The patented, citrus-based formula is combined with a tough, textured blue towel to loosen, dissolve and absorb dirt and grease leaving your hands truly clean. The effectiveness of pumice soap in a one-step, premoistened towel allows you to use SCRUBS Hand Cleaner Towels anywhere, anyplace, anytime!

Our customers love this cleaning product.  We sell it to many of our tool repair shops and distrbutors.  Scrubs work great for cleaning Power tools and hand tools.

Also Use On: Tools, Work Surfaces, Plastics, Equipment, Vinyl, Painted Surfaces, Metal, Composite

February 16, 2010 on 3:59 pm

Awareness is key when it comes to protection from preventable diseases. Be prepared to combat and respond to pandemic influenza outbreaks is critical for the health of the general population. At JD Industrial Supply we have several products that can help protect you from the H1N1 flue.

SCRUBS Foaming Hand Sanitizer features a lightweight formula that conditions and moisturizes hands, leaving a light lemon scent behind. The easy-to-grip container features a large pump head that easily depresses with fingertips or the palm of the hand and twists to lock closed. Perfect for your office space or car.

SCRUBS Hand Sanitizer Wipes combine a highly effective skin sanitizing formula and an abrasive, nonscratching towel for a one-step sanitizing system. This product dissolves contaminated biofilm and kills, absorbs and removes disease causing germs and bacteria from skin. Antimicrobial SCRUBS Hand Sanitizer Wipes provide a rapid kill in seconds.

For more information that monitor and up date the H1N1 pandemic:


February 13, 2010 on 5:24 pm

We are poud to share our new lineup of earth friendly lubricants. Going Green is a focal point at JD Industrial Supply. Tom’s Secret Formul products are specially created lubricants formulated with optimized USA-grown natural vegetable oils and selective additives.

These spray-on, vegetable oil-based lubricating products are better than petroleum products. They are safer for the environment, better for workers and work exceptionally well on machinery operating outdoors.

The Tom’s Secret Formula line-up offers all-purpose lubricating products that offer long-lasting protection against corrosion, rust and normal wear and tear.Tom’s Lubricants out perform petroleum products by providing higher viscosity, better lubrication leading to improved energy efficiencies and feature a lower evaporation loss.Our goal is to provide the highest level of service quality and value to our customers.

We are environmentally conscious and pride ourselves on being at the forefront of compliance with government regulatory guidelines. Check them out! www.jdindustrialsupply.com/tosefo.html

Products Include:
B-404 All-Purpose Lubricant
Tom’s Garage Door Lubricant
Trucker’s Lubricant

February 12, 2010 on 5:29 pm

KRESTO hand cleaner is an extra-heavy duty hand cleaner, ideal for the toughest industrial dirt.

Contains a biodegradable natural scrubber, a safe solvent and the patentedingredient EUCORNOL, which improves skin compatibility.

KRESTO…keeping working skin healthyFeatures:

Contains all natural, biodegradable walnut shell scrubbers. Contains the skin strengthening agent EUCORNOL®. Easily rinsed away and is not prone to swelling, has been tested and proven not to clog drains or pipes. Low solvent content, good skin compatibility.Benefits: For extra heavy-duty cleaning of grease, oil, ink and carbon black. Does not strain the environment by depleting timber supplies.Helps to prevent skin irritation according to the results of dermatological tests.No costly plumbing repairs due to scrubber in product.Much more gentle to the skin, even with everyday use, than products with high solvent content.

Kresto Hand Cleaners are very cost effective. Uses half the amount of soap to wash your hand then most competitors. Check them out!!! www.jdindustrialsupply.com/krhacl.html